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We believe in the ethical promotion of stem cells science and evolved it in a systematic and scientific manner. We are into autologous treatment ie harvesting from the patients own body and giving it back in 6 hours without manipulation of cells. Our team of super specialist doctors, molecular biologists and high precision scientists are continuously into R&D to evolve safe protocols.

We have expertise into cell culture but don't use for clinical purposes. Our team has differentiated dopaminergic neurons in Petri dishes. We totally condemn embryonic stem cell treatment.

Uniqueness of our treatment is:

  • Day Care
  • No morbidity
  • Stitchless Scarless
  • No complications
  • High Precision
Our International Mentors
  • Dr Koh Lam Son ( Singapore )
  • Dr Tan ( Singapore )
  • Mrs Roselind ( Singapore )
  • Gabriala Hertig ( Switzerland )
  • Mirvat( Saudi Arab )
  • Nishanee ( South Africa )
  • Jamie khalidi( Oman )
  • Patti Quigley Pardy ( U.S.A.)
  • Tatiyana ( Russia )

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